Code of Ethics

As Board members, employees, and volunteers of Literacy Victoria, we will:

  • offer strength-based, learner-centered programs and services;
  • promote dignity and respect for all people;
  • act with honesty, integrity and openness in all our relations as representatives of Literacy Victoria;
  • promote a working environment and working relationships that are based on mutual respect, fairness and openness;
  • disclose all relationships that constitute or appear to constitute a conflict of interest;
  • appreciate and honour the diversity of all individuals;
  • respect and uphold each individuals’ right to privacy and confidentiality, as well as that of the organization;
  • respect differences of opinion by being open to learning about other perspectives even when they are different from our own.

In order to support these commitments, Literacy Victoria, its Board members and employees, and volunteers will:

  • work cooperatively as a team, valuing the contribution of each individual, their expertise and their ideas;
  • create and maintain appropriate personal and professional boundaries and seek feedback from others if necessary in order to determine these boundaries;
  • recognize the limitations of our knowledge and skills and provide only those services in which we have competence and responsibility, referring individuals to other professionals or agencies where appropriate;
  • accept personal responsibility for the consequences of our actions;
  • take responsibility for creating a physically and emotionally safe environment;
  • ensure that our words and actions are consistent, respectful and honest and seek to model behaviour consistent with these values.