About Us

As visitors, we give thanks to the Coast Salish people for allowing us to live and work within their traditional territories.

We are a community of learners, and respect the diversity of all individuals. Together we empower adult learners through the following principles:

Our Values

At Literacy Victoria, we believe in

  • treating people with dignity and respect
  • supporting learners to set and achieve their personal goals
  • involving learners in our decision-making and operations
  • working as a team of volunteers, learners and staff working as a supportive, caring community

Our Vision

Literacy Victoria is the first place on southern Vancouver Island that adults go for free basic literacy services and where people go to for information on adult literacy.

Our Mission

Literacy Victoria:

  • is a non-profit organization
  • provides free help and support to adults in basic reading, writing, numbers/mathematics, computer use and essential skills in an increasingly technical world
  • helps adults develop self-esteem and skills so they can participate effectively at home, at work and in the community